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noun · 1The quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech. 'his tales are full of humor'. More example sentences · 2A mood or  You use “humor me” when you're asking someone to do something for you just to keep you happy. It kind of means “don't argue with me about this, just do it.” For  Understand 5 different senses of Humor in Urdu along with English definitions and sentence(s). 7 Apr 2014 and sentence-to-sentence connections causes the writer to present ideas focusing on what life would be like with humor (paragraph two) as  humour sentence in Hindi Maybe that 's what they call black humour .

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He was a man of high good humor, well-pressed double-breasted suits, manicured nails, and glossily polished shoes. There was, however, a humor and a method in his Humorous in a sentence | humorous example sentences · He gave me a humorous look. · Mark Twain has a humorous. · I recall one humorous incident. · Pin  Examples of how to use the word “humor” in a sentence.

CK 1 2953829 We'd better humor Tom. definitions. Learn how to use Aqueous Humor   PDF | We present a machine learning approach for classifying sentences as one- liner jokes or normal sentences.

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Humour in a sentence 1. Every man has his humour. 2.

Humor in a sentence

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I could have said 'My mother-in-law is very difficult' to express the same idea.

2. He has no sense of humor. 3. This is a film full of humor. 4.
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Humor in a sentence

noun · 1The quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech.

We use no deep analysis of the meaning to. How To Use Humour In A Sentence?
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Aqueous humor can pass the fibrous cyst around ATDS and be diffused 2020-11-08 · Surprise the reader.

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Sentence Examples. From the commedia dell'arte to Jackie Chan, the pratfall and other seemingly unpremeditated mishaps of physical humorhave had a timeless appeal.

humor in a sentence The humor of the decor follows through on the wine list. The humor and candidness he displayed during his recovery was inspirational. He has a sparkling sense of humor and is completely relaxed. Azinger, 34, has not lost his sense of humor. Westlake said much of the humor can be Examples of Sense of humor in a sentence. With John’s good sense of humor, he was able to make us laugh all night long with his hilarious stories and jokes.