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I signed up insurance at AXA HK (Tesla's official partner) about For insurance, I highly recommend Cindy from Prudential (

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Tesla axa hong kong

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They are cheaper than AXA by $1000, but there is a $10k credit for AXA if you bought an inventory car. Also i think in all these insurance policy, the new car for old car clause is capped at the price of what you paid for your car. So they won't pay the new FRT inclusive price if you totaled it. Hopefully none of us need to test this out. Tesla is accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar and integrated renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses. Electric Cars, Solar & Clean Energy | Tesla Hong Kong Since the launch of Model S in 2012, we have engineered every Tesla around the same advanced architecture that maximizes occupant safety.

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Tesla axa hong kong

Axa triples insurance premiums on Tesla vehicles in Hong Kong. AXA Hong Kong offers a wide range of life, health, property insurance, as well as investment and retirement solutions for your stability and prosperity. New InsureMyTesla partner is Liberty Insurance.

Protection when driving other cars.
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Of all the cars sold in the territory last year, nearly 7 Axa hong kong today announced the launch of its custom made motor insurance solution for tesla owners in hong kong. Tesla cars are expensive to insure not only in hong kong but virtually in any market they have entered.